Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just a few more cookies ;)

My lovely assistant and I were in the baking mood just before Easter when we made these. These were the ones she made for a few of her friends...I think they turned out great! With some of the extra poker cookies and then the frosting that was left over from our Easter cookies (i will share soon)I made some CUTE flowers free hand. I love how these turned out!
Wilton has a set of wedding cookie cutters that I bought and played with. I love the birthday cakes.
FUN....purple polka dots on teal! Whoo hoo can you say TRENDY!
This is an exact copy of my senior prom dress ;)

The technique for the frosting is called flooding the cookies. It is fun to see what the final outcome is, but it is a time sucking project (well for me at least).

I had to end on the flowers! They are SOOO fun!

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