Thursday, June 17, 2010


These cupcakes were completely designed by a soon to be 5 year old girl! She told me exactly what she wanted down to the papers.We had fun drawing the picture so I "wouldn't forget what I was supposed to make" according to the birthday girl.
We made these for her family party at home.

For her friend party her momma scored a great coupon so we could all go to.... I was very excited for this adventure to this cupcake shop! I purchased a Kate (chocolate with pink) and the red velvet cupcake.
***SLIGHT BRAG ALERT*** I am not gonna chocolates are better! But we had a great time at the party and it was a very fun thing for all the kids!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Black and White Swirls

These were very fun to make! I have to give my hubby credit...he hung with the kids all day on Saturday so I could get these done. Of course he was paid in extra cupcakes so he didn't mind!I used fondant for the 30 and i purchased rock candy from one of those crazy candy stores at the mall. You know the ones that we hurry our kids past while we show them something way off in the distance (that may not even exist) just so they wont notice the store to the side. I am sure you know what I am talking about! Well I had to go in one while daddy pushed the stroller the other way and we had a meeting spot a safe distance away. Please don't feel bad for the little ones, they definitely get their share of goodies living in this house!
I also used little pearl candies on them. I liked how the black, white, and teal all worked together and made a cute whimsical cupcake.

Party display! I am so thankful that I purchased the second cupcake holder in December. They have both really come in handy. I have plans to make (a wood) or buy a black metal one. I have seen some out there, but not the one that I have designed in my head.

This photo is very stubborn, it WILL NOT FLIP CORRECTLY! Oh well you get the idea.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mini's are so appropriate

Who could turn down a mini cupcake? Probably no one! That is why I always try to make a few from each batch. So I can of the MANY perks of what I love to create and so NO ONE can say no thanks! is an evil plan that I have designed so even those that are "watching what they eat" can still enjoy some cupcakes! Because life may be to short to pass up a cupcake! I made these just for those ladies that might try to say no! These go along with my next post, which are some super cute (and very time consuming cupcakes)that were for a 30th birthday party from on sister to another.

Anyway...I made the teal sprinkles and bought. I thought it was amusing that the black looks like I put pepper on a vanilla cupcake.


This is the cupcake that started the "Have You Been Cupcaked" theme. She my good friends boss and my daughters orthodontist! We needed gloves to work with the Star Wars fondant and Dr "donated" a box! How better to repay a kind favor than with a cupcake with their face on it!
She doesn't have braces in real life, but it seemed all to appropriate to add them! We love you DR. Hmmm...I wonder if it is strange eating your own face?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Have You Been Cupcaked?

It's offical! Dan has been cupcaked! I made these for my brother-in-law. Getting older hurts (so i hear)! But when you have a chance to be cupcaked, it can't be that bad, right! He loved them! This was my second attempt at cupcaking someone. I am still trying to locate the first photo! But back to Dan! This was a super easy and fun idea!

He used the close up of his "face" as his facebook profil pic for a while! What great advertising! Happy b-day Dan!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

PUPPY Cupcakes

I had a request for puppy cupcakes for B-mans Birthday! Mom got "special" permission to take homemade goodies to school for his birthday treat! GO MOM!!! I made the boys in the class the collie cupcakes. B-man got his own special collie with a special collar!
The girls all recieved yorkie puppy cupcakes! Up on the top right you can see an extra special yorkie.
She was for the teacher! Every woman loves pearls...right?
This was the yorkie that i think turned out the best! I just LOVE the tounges!!! How cute is that! I hear that they were a huge hit and there was a crowd as they were being delivered to the class!

Happy birthday B-man! We love you!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I did it!

I got a Kohl's ad that I could not resist! But, it almost seemed to good to be true. So I talked to my hubby, we did the math, and i headed out the next day.

When I got to the store I went back to the customer service desk to make sure that the deal was really what I thought. I had my two little monkeys in the stroller so I couldn't carry the mixer to the front to be told no! Just as I feared the lady at the customer service desk told me NO! She said I could only use 2 of the discounts not the 4. Well, I just wasn't convinced of that since the add read differently. So I found another lovely lady who was AMAZING! She made my 4 discounts a reality! Which saved me $207 dollars!!! I got to bring home our 4th child today! Isn't she beautiful!!! I am IN LOVE! How did I ever bake before this machine? I gotta give credit to my daddy and mother-in-law...they are helping to fund this baby! THANK YOU!!!!

So the chocolate batter that you see in this amazing, RED, wonderful, hardworking machine are the cupcakes that I took to the wonderful lady at Kohl's the next day to show her my sincere thanks! She went over and above for me and as a fellow retailer I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!
Well, I gotta go BAKE!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I LOVE cupcake papers!

Reynolds is my new favorite brand! I really should buy into the stock market for them. 4th of July....what flavor will you have?
I went to 3 different stores to buy all of these black and white ones i could find...i did the math and i now own almost 400 of these cupcake papers. I know, i know...but when EVERYONE wants them i gotta be ready!
Hard to tell but this is purple and green! Fun summer colors.
Dark tealish blue and white.
Same tealish (is that a word) blue with FUN plaid papers.

Super cute pink papers with cupcake designs on them!
I also have silver ones...along with way to many character and holiday ones. Told ya i need to buy stock!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Much used items.....

I was sent this picture by a friend who has seen my obsession with all things cupcakes from afar! She was out and took this picture for amazing would this look with some fancy cupcakes on it. Someday when i have a shop...i can see it now a fun Shabby Chic coffee & cupcake shop! OK back to reality.
I currently have 2 cupcake stands. This one is actually a tree one from Christmas time, but it works the best! It doesn't hold as many, but the spots have more space so they dont touch. This stand was my origional one that I recieved a gift. It has been used so many times. I like how these are all next to each other, but the cupcakes touch sides if they are on the biffer side.

This is my little engine that could!I have nothing but LOVE for this little guy! I am saving up my "dough" to get a KITCHEN AID! I am thinking RED!!! So if you wanna hook me up i won't say no :). A girl can dream RIGHT!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Star Wars Cupcakes

I made these characters mostly from fondant. The mom of the birthday boy came over and we knocked most of these out in one night (LATE NIGHT). I am very happy how they turned out! I used vanilla cupcakes with grey vanilla butter cream frosting. WOW...they were YUMMY!

I hear they were the hit of the party!

I homemade all the fondant. The black fondant was NOT FUN! I am still perfecting that.

I also used Wilton edible markers for some of the black lines and Yoda's face.

I wanted to show the before and after of Yoda so you can see how much it took to go from a slab of fondant to Yoda!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chocolate, carmel, & sea salt (need I say more)

I checked out Tons of cupcake books from the library and my all time favorite was the Martha Stewart one! AMAZING!
This is where I found this recipe and I went out to Williams Sonoma and got the book! (Thanks dad for the gift card to play with)!!!I am NOT a chocolate cake person, with that said...these are amazing!
I MADE HOMEMADE CARMEL!!! That is crazy exciting to me! :) It is very good! It makes extra, so i put it in a jar for an ice cream topper.

***CONFESSION*** I have a sweet tooth! I LOVE SUGAR! So I was afraid I would want to eat more than one, however that is not needed with these! They are that amazing! I love Martha...she is a genious!