Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I did it!

I got a Kohl's ad that I could not resist! But, it almost seemed to good to be true. So I talked to my hubby, we did the math, and i headed out the next day.

When I got to the store I went back to the customer service desk to make sure that the deal was really what I thought. I had my two little monkeys in the stroller so I couldn't carry the mixer to the front to be told no! Just as I feared the lady at the customer service desk told me NO! She said I could only use 2 of the discounts not the 4. Well, I just wasn't convinced of that since the add read differently. So I found another lovely lady who was AMAZING! She made my 4 discounts a reality! Which saved me $207 dollars!!! I got to bring home our 4th child today! Isn't she beautiful!!! I am IN LOVE! How did I ever bake before this machine? I gotta give credit to my daddy and mother-in-law...they are helping to fund this baby! THANK YOU!!!!

So the chocolate batter that you see in this amazing, RED, wonderful, hardworking machine are the cupcakes that I took to the wonderful lady at Kohl's the next day to show her my sincere thanks! She went over and above for me and as a fellow retailer I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!
Well, I gotta go BAKE!


  1. LOVE this mixer. This is the one I want too. It will be a while before I get it though...I'm jealous! :)

  2. I have a kitchen aid and I absolutely love it! You are going to ask yourself all the time why you didn't invest in one sooner!