Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chocolate, carmel, & sea salt (need I say more)

I checked out Tons of cupcake books from the library and my all time favorite was the Martha Stewart one! AMAZING!
This is where I found this recipe and I went out to Williams Sonoma and got the book! (Thanks dad for the gift card to play with)!!!I am NOT a chocolate cake person, with that said...these are amazing!
I MADE HOMEMADE CARMEL!!! That is crazy exciting to me! :) It is very good! It makes extra, so i put it in a jar for an ice cream topper.

***CONFESSION*** I have a sweet tooth! I LOVE SUGAR! So I was afraid I would want to eat more than one, however that is not needed with these! They are that amazing! I love Martha...she is a genious!

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  1. okay, I have looked thru your blog, and you are an amazing cupcake artist/baker,,,,from one to another, I am hooked, I only make mine seasonal...lot's of buttercream and sprinkles, and your salted caramel, well I think they will have to be tryed...yummmy,,,good job and congrats on your win...Vikki