Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Black and White Swirls

These were very fun to make! I have to give my hubby credit...he hung with the kids all day on Saturday so I could get these done. Of course he was paid in extra cupcakes so he didn't mind!I used fondant for the 30 and i purchased rock candy from one of those crazy candy stores at the mall. You know the ones that we hurry our kids past while we show them something way off in the distance (that may not even exist) just so they wont notice the store to the side. I am sure you know what I am talking about! Well I had to go in one while daddy pushed the stroller the other way and we had a meeting spot a safe distance away. Please don't feel bad for the little ones, they definitely get their share of goodies living in this house!
I also used little pearl candies on them. I liked how the black, white, and teal all worked together and made a cute whimsical cupcake.

Party display! I am so thankful that I purchased the second cupcake holder in December. They have both really come in handy. I have plans to make (a wood) or buy a black metal one. I have seen some out there, but not the one that I have designed in my head.

This photo is very stubborn, it WILL NOT FLIP CORRECTLY! Oh well you get the idea.

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