Friday, June 4, 2010

Much used items.....

I was sent this picture by a friend who has seen my obsession with all things cupcakes from afar! She was out and took this picture for amazing would this look with some fancy cupcakes on it. Someday when i have a shop...i can see it now a fun Shabby Chic coffee & cupcake shop! OK back to reality.
I currently have 2 cupcake stands. This one is actually a tree one from Christmas time, but it works the best! It doesn't hold as many, but the spots have more space so they dont touch. This stand was my origional one that I recieved a gift. It has been used so many times. I like how these are all next to each other, but the cupcakes touch sides if they are on the biffer side.

This is my little engine that could!I have nothing but LOVE for this little guy! I am saving up my "dough" to get a KITCHEN AID! I am thinking RED!!! So if you wanna hook me up i won't say no :). A girl can dream RIGHT!

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