Monday, November 15, 2010

Pumpkin Cupcakes

I made these pumpkin cupcakes for my WONDERFUL friends that came over and helped me box up my house! I handmade the fondant pumpkins and added them to the tops of my FAMOUS Seattle cupcakes... if you haven't had one yet (you are missing out!)
If you are not sure what my Seattle cupcakes consist of, head back a few posts and you will drool! I mean understand!
They were a big hit with the ladies and the fondant i make is YUMMY! I feel bad for everyone (Pastor Jeff) who refuses to taste my fondant because he has had the NASTY store fondant that is disgusting!

I need to get some "orders" once we get a home that has a kitchen that I want to bake in...I CANT wait to come up with some FUN cupcakes soon!

I am thinking Cardinals if they can ever win a game this season.

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