Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Different kind of cupcakes

I made these for my sister in laws baby shower brunch that a friend and I gave her. I saw a similar idea on a blog using large wash cloths and coffee filters. I literally packed the girls in the car right after I saw these online to head to the store.
Crafting is in my blood and when I see something that I out!
I made these with baby socks, baby mits, and wash cloths. Then I held them together with wire and the cupcake paper wrapped with a ribbon.
SO EASY and yet so cute! We put these randomly on the brunch table.
The decoration on the top is a button that I strung with a short piece of wire and stuck down in a fold of the fabric!
Here they are on the table with some of the YUMMY mini cupcakes perfect for a brunch.

I made coconut, chocolate with coffee, and vanilla bean! YUMMY!!!

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  1. Really cute idea. Can't wait to see them close up. Mom