Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I did these for one of my favorite little 4 year olds! Her mama is one cool gal so when she asked if I would make her some cupcakes I said "of course"! Believe it or not these were some of the easiest ones I have ever made!
The way my mind works is I can see something and duplicate it, but I am not so good at creating things on my own.
So be impressed with my talent for one more minute then I will tell you what I did! Cause that will make you less impressed.
I was at Michael's (where else would i be?) when I saw a Hello Kitty mint tin and that is what i used as a fondant cutter! I know, I know part lame but, admit it part genious!
I am the queen of "MAKING IT WORK".
Packed up and ready to go!!! more picture with the bingo card I used for colors!

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  1. They rocked! Thank you again!