Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fondant Cake...Sweet 16

I am not going to lie...when my friend asked if I would make a fondant cake (like the one she saw on my blog) for her daughters Sweet 16, I got nervous! But I am learning FAST that everything will workout with my baked goods!
Here is the YUMMY double layer chocolate cake with my coffee butter cream frosting!
This is where I should have my picture of my perfectly smooth fondant covering, but I think I was so excited that it looked good that I just started working on the stars!
This is the marshmallow fondant covering the cake decorated with stars! FINALLY!!! I actually was able to trim the bottom correctly and it was perfect!!! Sorry, I am excited since my first one had large folds and a jagged bottom edge because I had NO CLUE what I was doing.
I put silver Wilton glitter paint on the white stars to give them a silver look. The stars are really purple, however my camera must think it is funny to make them look more blue!

I was sooo happy when this cake was completed! I loved EVERY minute of making it!

I should also mention that I REALLY did love the minute I was done with it, since it was 4:00am and I had to be up taking cupcakes and throwing a brunch baby shower at 7:30am! Lets just say i was functioning on a caffeine high all day!

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