Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Today is the day!

It has been tough for me to find time to bake and decorate my cupcakes like I was in Washington. I think a lot has to do with still trying to find my Arizona routine and I miss my decorating partner in crime Shelly Wilson!

I got a call from my mom about a Halloween cupcake decorating contest that the AZ Republic was having, my initial thought was "ya in my spare time I'll make fondant and get started". Well, I did make time...and let's just say I WON!!! I am so excited to go downtown today and meet the kind people at the paper that chose my cupcake!!! This is the winning cupcake! Or should I say cupcakes...it is actually two cupcakes in one!
I also made this cupcake now sure which one I wanted to use...I really honestly impressed myself! But this is my outlet once the kiddo's have gone to sleep I can play!
My friend Nicole from Rimsza Photography saw that I was making cupcakes for the contest via my Facebook page and offered to come over and take photo's for me! I am so grateful especially since my camera ran out of batteries 3 weeks ago and I have yet to replace them...welcome to my life! Go check out her amazing work! http://nicolerimszaphotography.wordpress.com/

Guess I should keep up on my blog now and start the process to get my "cupcake business" going since I really do love it!
I will let everyone know when the article is "hitting the press" hahaha do they even say that anymore? I feel very blessed to be given this opportunity!

Cheers to yet another cupcake adventure!


  1. Congratulations Jen. The cupcakes are amazingly creative!

  2. you are very talented girl Jen/Grat job just beautifull

  3. Oh my word! These are so cool. Yum! Good thing that I wasn't helping you late at night, or you definitely wouldn't have won:) Can't wait to see the paper article and pics. Love, Janny

  4. Those look delicious! We are interested in making them with our teacher during home school!