Thursday, November 3, 2011

I love to craft in real life.....

Often times I am greatful I have 3 daughters...I would have have NO CLUE how to craft for boys. A tall tower with modge-podge art blocks, maybe whittle wooden trains, or sew a tent to camp in the playroom.

Nope...for now at least I will stick to girly stuff! My middle princess was invited to a kindergarten birthday party.

SWEET...all little girls love tutu's *at least i think they should*. She helped me choose the colors and I got to work.

I decorated a matching hanger to hold her skirt and a hairbow (top right). So cute right!!! I'm pretty sure she loved it, but it's hard to tell when all you see from lil kiddo's at their parties is papers fly...and the backs of all the friends that are WAY TO EXCITED TO SIT!

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