Wednesday, August 18, 2010

4th of July...(wow i have been slacking)

In my defence THE SUN IS OUT IN THE PUGET SOUND...which means you DO NOT sit inside on the computer as much are you may normally do. With that said, here are the cupcakes i made for the 4th of July bash we were invited to! I made some of my world famous (hehehe) chocolate, coffee butter cream filled, cream cheese frosting cupcakes!
I had found these papers months ago from Reynolds so I couldn't wait to use them.
I also found these gummies at the store so it got my cupcake mind going!
I got them all packaged up and ready to WA it is almost better to stay local to watch fire works. No traffic, no paying to park, no wacko's (well depending on the BBQ you attend).

Here are the goodies ready to go...

This was taken by my 11 year old amazing daughter of the fire works that were being fired off by the homeowner! Guess it pays off to live near the Reservation where they sell the fireworks.
I am very thankful for this countries independence!

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