Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reb's B-day

SO...the 4th of July party was at the home of one of my favorite ladies! Reb (for short) and her birthday is shared by my 4 year old which is on the 6th of July. But I wanted to bless her with a few special cupcakes just for her!When i arrived at the 4th of July party I gave these to her and told her to HIDE THEM! Everyone will try to steal them once they learn how good they are. *wink wink*
So she hid them so she could enjoy them at a later time for her special day. I just adore how the pink swirl looks with the cute little flower.

I used the butter cream frosting for her cupcakes knowing she would already have access to the cream cheese ones. Plus how cute is the cupcake papers? SO CUTE!!!

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