Saturday, August 21, 2010

Smores...cupcake style

So princess #2 was turning 4 and why wouldn't she want a camping b-day party theme!?!?! First thing she says she thinks of is smores, and that means i think cupcakes! I made gram flour cupcakes to serve as the crackers...then came the homemade chocolate ganache as the frosting! YUM!!!
This is a Martha Stewart recipe from my favorite book!
Next I made marshmallows!!! How cool is that?!
How perfect and cute is this little guy? I wanna squeeze it...or eat it! ;)

Look how perfect they look on the baking sheet wanting to be browned! But I don't have a kitchen torch....
I tried a lighter...then I tried broil!!! NO!!!
NOT PRETTY!!! This was 5 seconds on broil...luckily I only tried this with half of them! I guess a few smores in the making always fall in the fire or drop on the ground.
The smores were a hit, but I didn't honestly love them. I don't think that I will make these again, but they were super cute and PERFECT for the camping party!!!
BUT...the real cupcakes for the camp out will be on here next!

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