Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas Poured Sugar Cookies

*Note to self: Do Not Take Photo's Using Light Above Stove!!!* These cookies do look pretty, but with the yellow tray and yellow light, not so much! But they sure did taste yummy!
I made these for a white elephant gift exchange party I went to in December. It was a blast, let's just say the ladies got crazy playing Catch Phrase!!!
I was playing with the pour method of decorating then dragging a tooth pick across the colors to chage the swirl look. I LIKE IT!!!

The platter lookd pretty cute and I brought it home after that night with 2 cookies on hubby was excited to get some. Poor guy sees most of the baking I do go out the door.

Along with this batch of Christmas cookies I made were some Ugly Sweater Party Cookies for a get-together we hosted one evening for some of our neighbor friends from church.....

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