Wednesday, January 4, 2012

OREO cupcakes!

My family is addicted to double stuff Oreo's...which is why it is rare if I purchase them. I was looking for some new cupcake recipes to play with and I came across this one. I first crushed the Oreo's and put them in the cupcake papers. Then I covered them with my chocolate cupcake mix and prayed that they turn out.
They turned out AMAZING and my husband who thought he had already gone to cupcake heaven, was taken to a whole new level with these!
Everyone that tried them really enjoyed them, my tween even requested to take some with her to share with friends at a sleepover.

I need to thank and give credit to Bakerella These cupcake frosting tastes exactly like the center of the cookies! WOW, is all I can say! My only regret is that I can's share them with my Oreo loving WA bestie...Shanna even though I shouldn't according to her last blog update. Hehehe!

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