Monday, July 19, 2010

Black & White Sweet 16

My friend asked me if I would make cupcakes for her daughters sweet 16 party that was being shared with her best friend. They were having the co-ed party at a local airport in a hanger. Who would say no to that? What a fun idea. The girls had made a drawing of what they wanted. We made a great team and everyone was super happy with how they turned out.
As you can see the liners that I own 300+ of were perfect for this party also! Here is a close up of a flower on the chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
One tray is packed up and ready to go! I love these cupcake trays!!! Thanks Safeway for allowing me to purchase some.
I had the fondant flowers dry in a cupcake tin so they would be rounded not flat on the top of the frosting. It worked out perfectly and they were just as I had hoped.
All packed up and ready to can see dad's Raider cupcake in there as well as plastic wrap with extra flowers that mom was going to put on sheet cakes she ordered to feed the teen crowd!
Here are the cupcakes displayed on the table! They were so perfect with the other decorations they had in the room.
Close UP!
Table display, my work here is done! Have fun kids ( I mean TEENS).

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