Friday, July 23, 2010

Book Club (saved me)

I got a call from a good friend last minute asking if I had 12 cupcakes she could have for her book club. I did infact have extra from the baseball cupcakes, which I was SO HAPPY to share! Otherwise they would have been in my house and I would have had to fight the temptation! They were the chocolate cupcakes so I made cream cheese frosting (which is to die for with the chocolate if you dont mind me bragging!) I also had some extra fondant so I made a quick fun design and off they went)
I just love these cases from Safeway...dont get me wrong the large plastic ones that carry 27 are great also, but as for sharing these are the bee's knees!

They show off the "goods" while also being a practical and needed tool of the cupcake trade!
Cheers to CUPCAKES!


  1. I looked at my safeway for these awesome trays/cases but no go. I was super bummed they didn't have them. Do know of any other place to get them? I've been reading your blog for a while now and looove it! Keep up the good work, you're so talented! I envy your skills.

  2. Ask them at the bakery, they sold them to me from there. Good luck!