Saturday, July 24, 2010

Little League Mariners Cupcakes

More baseball.... These are for a 10 year old team who I heard LOVED THEM! Yea, even boys appreciate a good cupcake. Hopefully they will grow up to be hubby's that bless their wives with a yummy one for no reason at all. Cause honestly that would make MY WEEK!!! Back to these...hehehe.
I tried to make the Mariners current symbol and BOY WAS THAT A CHALLENGE, but I got close.
The baseballs are white fondant circles and I piped on red frosting for the lacing. Seemed to work, but if you touched it...SMEAR!

I like how the frosting looks when I did it sideways, rather than up in a twist...kinda fun!

This one is for MAR! She just got married and I couldn't make it to CHEERS with cupcakes!

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