Friday, July 16, 2010

Bridal Shower

I was contacted by my friend to see if I was inerested in making cupcakes for a client of hers. I am not gonna lie....that was scary!!! But I try to live by the quote "What doesn't kill me, will only make me stronger". So I agreed to talk to her about the shower. She had thought she wanted sunflowers, but this is what we decided to go with. Teal fondant hearts.
Teal ribbon that is being used at showers as well as the wedding.
HOMEMADE teal sugar sprinkles!!! (Hard to see here, but they are there).
All packed up and ready to deliver to the location! So excited that I said I would try this!!!
The line-up! So beautiful!!! I just love the liners...did I mention I now own 300+ of this design? Sorry Snohomish county!!!
Cream cheese swirls!
Table at the shower. The mother-in-law made the wrapped boxes for the cupcakes to be displayed on and she found napkins that were PERFECT! We made a great team!
As I was taking these photo's I had a crowd behind me of family and friends that were there helping the MIL set-up!
I had my wonderful assistant with me as well! K did great!!! She helped me place them in a pattern....and we love how it looks!

Teal, black, and white. Elegant, beautiful, and YUMMY! What more can a bride to be ask for from her mother-in-law? This was an amazing cupcake adventure making 80+ cupcakes!

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