Friday, July 2, 2010

Thomas the Train

I think between this batch and the Star Wars batch I put in about 10+ hours each! It is crazy how much time it takes to put some of the details on to fondant.It also seems like once I start a theme I get nervous that they wont look like what they should. about stress!
But they always seem to work out wonderfully in the end. Considering I have made all the cupcakes so far starting with white fondant and only looking at photo's online for my insperation.
Each one of these engines had their own colors, personality, eyebrows, noses, you name it and I had to create it! You cant really see it in the photo's but they each have 3D cheeks, cause that is what makes the engines so cute! WOW!!!
Jacob and his friends enjoyed this special treat for his 4th birthday! His family has been blessed with a wonderful momma who is a cancer SURVIVOR!! So I was very happy to help make Jacob's birthday just a little bit more special!

Thanks for allowing me to share in your day! Glad they were YUMMY!!!!!

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