Sunday, July 18, 2010


In my next post you will see the Black & White Sweet 16 party that I did for my friends daughter. The actual party fell on her dad's birthday so mom asked if I could make him a special Raiders cupcake. I said of course before I even knew what the logo was. Let's just say I was a little worried once I googled it! in the world am I gonna do this? I was up so late working on this and the Sweet 16 party cupcakes, that I thought I was seeing 2 Raiders ones. Not really, but that would have been a bonus to really have 2. A little secret of my work is that I am usually up until 2 am the night before cupcakes are needed...there are two reasons for this. 1. MY KIDS ARE SLEEPING!!!! 2. I am usually watching a show on the computer while I am working. All my favorite things in a quite wonder I love doing this!!!
I heard that dad was surprised by mom halfway through the party with his birthday cupcake and didn't want to eat it cause it was to cool! I love hearing things like that... but if you ever get one of my cupcakes and don't eat it I WILL CRY!

Happy Birthday! Check out the sweet 16 cupcakes tomorrow! I should mention the party was in an airplane hanger! SO COOL!

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